The Best way to Sell Birds Online like the Blue Quaker

blue quaker parrot


A Quaker bird (otherwise known as monk parakeets) originates from South America and is popular in the US. Whereas different species of the bird are going to have different individual characteristics, the Quaker bird is known for its intelligence, determination, and attitude. They are good in interaction and forming bonds, and therefore, individuals prefer them in their homes as pets.

The Blue Quaker Parrot (otherwise known as the Blue Monk Parakeet) is an affectionate and funny avian bird, and is blue in color as the name suggests. It is known for its strong ability to imitate the human speech. It is also available and carries a low cost. Blue Quakers can form a strong bond with multiple individuals.

The Blue Quaker Birds and Business

A lot of people view the blue Quaker as a source of fun, a pet, and by extension, a hobby. They value them for the companionship that they offer. However, you can start a business that deals with the blue Quaker, and thereafter, earn a stable income. The good thing is that such a business does not need a lot of capital.

Like any business, you have to employ rational decision making in order to come up with a viable and sustainable business endeavor. In addition to that, you have to carry out comprehensive research on the best business ideas in order to avoid wasting time and resources. The first step is to think about is to set up a cage. The blue Quaker bird loves space for spreading its wings as well as separate spaces for playing, eating, and nesting. The larger the cage, the better it will be for your project. A tall and narrow cage is not going to help you realize optimal outcomes for your project.

When you are making a design of your cage, be sure to think about protecting the blue Quaker birds from the various environmental hazards such as extreme temperatures, and rain. The cage should be made from construction materials that are not toxic. Remember, your cage should protect the birds from theft.

If you are to succeed in any business that deals with wildlife, you need to seek the opinion of the breeder. Breeders can help you to improve your flock. In addition to that, they can help you on the best strategies to employ in order to prevent disease. You could lose your entire stock in a short time, and you could run out of business.

Where Can You Sell a Blue Quaker

There are various market opportunities available in the US. These include the following:

-You can ask a friend or a relative on if they hear of someone in need of a blue Quaker bird (a private buyer can offer a favorable price)

-Pet stores can buy blue Quakers in bulk (however, they can only give a lower price for the birds)

– Contact a bird club

-Place an ad in classifieds, eg Craiglist

-Bird adoption centers

Bird educational centers

However, when you are dealing with a blue bird business, think about your own security. This is because potential buyers have to visit your home in order to evaluate the quality of your products and services. Unscrupulous individuals may use that opportunity in order to survey your home in preparation for a future robbery. Whereas you may not prevent strangers to visit your home, you can invest in a home security system.

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The best way of marketing your blue Quakers is to take a photo of the bird using a high quality camera. Give details of the bird, for example, the exact breed and age of the bird. If you have a name for the bird, which is highly likely, include it there. Be sure to include small but critical details. For instance, inform the buyer if the bird in question is very young. This is because such a bird is going to require optimal care. Similarly, if the bird on sale shows bad behavior, inform the potential buyer on the same.

Search Engine Optimization cuts across the entire business landscape. SEO increases the visibility of your website, and leads to a higher rate of conversation. As the website continuous to attract traffic, then it is going to lead to a better business bottom-line. Through the use of SEO, you can position yourself as knowledgeable and an expert in your field.

SEO helps you to interact with your client base in real time. For example, a client could ask a question, and you are going to give a reply as soon as you can. Similarly, you are going to have a platform where you are going to handle complains in a professional manner and make the appropriate recommendation.

In connection to this, ensure that your website is professional and friendly. It should be mobile friendly too. Organize your website in a way that your clients can get information in a friendly way. Be sure to make a test on the loading time of the website. Most importantly, ensure that you include a FAQ section where readers can get all the information in one page.

Upon setting up a website, think about the most effective ways of updating your content. The content posted should be well researched, and fresh. Some of the information to be captured in your service page includes the following:

-The benefits of getting the right provider of the blue Quaker

-Presenting yourself as offering outstanding products and services

-Presenting yourself as a professional among the peers

-Stating that you offer a competitive price

-Stating that offer the value for the money

-Preparing an effective call to action where an online visitor can initiate an order and complete a transaction

You have to be strategic when it comes to the pricing of the bird. The general rule in business applies- the demand and supply curve. If the supply is higher than demand, then you have to go for lower prices. The good thing is that the blue Quaker is not overly expensive, and therefore, your customers are going to afford them. If you do your business in large scale, you are going to benefit from economies of scale. For example, you can negotiate for a reliable market.

One of the best ways of marketing is through offering high quality products and services that will be a testimony to your skills and expertise. When keeping your blue Quakers, ensure that they are not only happy, but healthy too. Remember that your clients are looking for a companion, and it is important that you offer them the right companion.

The feathers of the bird should be clean and healthy. The eyes of the bird should be as clear as possible. When you notice that the nostrils are not clean, it is time to clean them up. Sanitation of the blue Quaker bird shelters is a matter of paramount importance as it will help in the prevention of disease.

When you are doing business, it is advisable that you involve your friends and relatives, and seek their intervention in one way or the other. This is because they are a source of constructive feedback on how you can improve on your business. When you need a certain product or service, then they can offer you a reliable referral. The good thing with asking the help of relatives and friends is that they want you to grow, and therefore, they will tell you the truth, right in your face, whether you like it or not.

There is a very rare chance that you could be taken to court on a case involving your blue Quaker birds. But when you are doing business in the US, make sure you do the right thing, and do business within the prescribed business ethics. It is safer to avoid legal problems, than waiting to address them when they come.

Have a habit of a strong engagement with your clients and inform them on the major factors determining the keeping of the blue Quaker birds. You can inform them of the cost involved and break down for them. The modern business environment does not focus on sales, but rather, on the need to build strong and lasting relationships. It is through such strong networks that the business thrives.

At the same time, when you are selling your blue Quaker birds, advise them on the need to give them an ideal new home. In fact, Quaker bird enthusiast cannot sell their birds to a client who has a high chance of neglecting the birds.

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Legality of the Business

If you are to do business in any niche, you have to practice within the law. In short, risking an illegal business is not worth it, and it will bring you more problems than benefits. When it comes to Quaker birds, states have three main categories:

-Some states have criminalized keeping Quaker birds

-Some states have a restriction on the Quaker birds, and one needs a license to have them

-Some states have a liberal policy towards the same, and you are at liberty to do what you want

The main reason why some states have either outlawed or restricted the Quaker birds is because they can be an agricultural threat. Large flocks of the Quaker bird can inflict significant damage on fruits and crops. American local farmers have cried foul on the role of the Quaker birds in preying on their peers, corns, cherries, and grapes.

Quaker birds are territorial and aggressive. What this means is that they do not easily accommodate a peaceful existence with other birds. With the modern American ecosystem under threat, experts argue that in increase in the population of the Quaker birds will lead to a drastic reduction in other native birds.

Psittacosis is a disease that originates from the Quaker birds. The disease can be transmitted to human beings. Symptoms of psittacosis include dry cough, headache, and joint pain. Because the disease is fatal, some states have opted not to take the health risk and forego the Quaker bird instead.

Having stated that, you must be sure that trading with the Quaker bird is legal in your state. If it is illegal in your state, you either abandon the project, or move to a state that allows Quaker birds. In Florida, one is at liberty to own or trade in a blue Quaker and there are no restrictions on the same. In particular, the Quaker parrot has colonized South Florida for many years, and they command a large following. If you decide to start a business in Florida to deal with the blue Quaker birds, you will have a friendly environment to do the same.

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Opportunity for Growth

As you start and run your blue Quaker business, think about the best ways of becoming an expert in the industry. In connection to this, you can create a blog where other blue Quaker lovers can get reliable information from. In addition to that, you can embark on training sessions in order to teach others on the best ways of breeding and keeping the blue Quaker birds.

Closely connected to this, you can contribute to research on the blue Quaker. Once you start your business, have a diary, make observations, and send your notes to research centers. You are going to contribute to the constant improvement of the bird. If you are known to carry out best practices in your Quaker bird business, research organizations can contact you for a possible partnership.


You can indeed have fun and make a living with the Quaker birds. All you need is to draft a strategic plan on the direction your business should take and embark on an aggressive business campaign. You have to keep in mind that long term goals are better for your business than short time solutions. Ideas such as get rich quick will not be consequential in the end. Overall, keeping the blue Quaker bird will not only give you an ideal past-time income, but will also help you earn money.